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Album Reviews!
Acid King- Middle of Nowhere, Center of Everywhere
Byzantine- To Release is to Resolve
One-Eyed Doll- Witches
The Chuck Norris Experiment- Right Between the Eyes

Show Reviews!
August 27, 2015-- GWAR at Wooly's
July 30, 2015-- High on Fire at the Casbah
July 15, 2015-- Cattle Decaptiation at Brick by Brick
Maryland Deathfest 2015
April 16, 2015-- One-Eyed Doll at Vaudeville Mews
March 15, 2015-- Veil of Maya at the Blue Moose
March 7, 2015-- Druids at Gabe's

A New Wave: Some Things That Should Happen in Metal
Hit the Lights! Three Bands I Wish Would Reform
My Four Metal Crushes and the Bands They Kick Ass In

Buried By Dust and Time: On the Controversial and Cultural Legacy of Black Metal
Inside the Torn Apart: On Missing a Brutally Good Experience for a Brutally Bad One
No Longer the Kings of Metal: Is Power Metal on the Decline?
Metal Chic: Is Metal a Fashion Statement?
Unnecessary Aggression: A Retrospection on Heavy Metal Elitism, Irony, and Legitimacy of Certain Sub-Genres
Sacrilege: The Otep/Civil Unrest Scandal
Heresy: The Dimebag Desecration
Obligatory Grammy Post
Napalm Death Penalty
Glam Metal: The Dream of the Eighties

Metal Metal Land!
Where the Buffalo Fall: Metal in Alberta
 Where the Slime Lives: Heavy Metal from Florida
BANZAI: A Look at the Metal of Japan
Demons in the Vatican: Italian Heavy Metal
In the Beginning...: The Legacy of Birmingham Metal in the West Midlands
Evergreen: Washington State Metal
Siberian Winter: The Russian Metal Scene
Keepin' It Old-School: Traditional and Glam Metal in Scandinavia
Au Canada: Quebecois Metal
A Tale of Two Cities: Metal in San Diego and Tijuana
Corn-Fed and Free Range: Metal in the Midwest

Other Stuff!
Restless and Wild: Germany and the Relationship of Culture and History to the Metal Music Culture

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