Thursday, March 12, 2015

Metal Metal Land: A Tale of Two Cities-- Metal in San Diego and Tijuana

I was going to do my second Metal Metal Land on my cousin's scene report in the Caucasus, but he's busy and I just started my spring break so I figured I'd get cracking on this one. Guess you'll have to wait to know what Armenian metal is like.

These past few years, I've had a semi-nomadic life. Half of the year I'm at school in Iowa and the other half I'm at home; however, home has constantly been changing. For nineteen years I've resided in Anaheim, but then we moved up to Washington state a couple years ago and I fell in love. This summer, I'm moving back down to California, but a different part. I'll be right by beautiful San Diego.

I've had a connection to San Diego since I was a kid. My parents are Chargers fans and trips to the Zoo and Wild Animal Park (renamed Safari Park) were always my favorite. Aside from those, I'm not all that familiar with the city; never really explored it properly. My main concern right now is: what kind of metal scene do we have there?

I seem to remember reading that Dave Mustaine was from San Diego county, though not the actual city. That's pretty cool. Megadeth are a Los Angeles-based band though. It seems that the -core groups have been the most successful here. One of the biggest bands to come out of the city is As I Lay Dying, though they've hit a major snag since the imprisonment of singer Tim Lambesis; members of the band are currently working in a project called Wovenwar which has proven to be a real competitor. There's also Carnifex, which I remember being hugely popular at my high school. Death metal has also had its fair share of popularity. Cattle Decapitation, Pathology, Disgorge, Condemned, and Gortuary have made names for themselves in the underground.

Just south of San Diego is its sister city, Tijuana. I literally know nothing about this city aside from it being notorious for crime and drugs; so I guess it's Mexico's Detroit. This kind of atmosphere-- at least in my mind-- should make it a breeding ground for metal. But to my knowledge the only major metal act to come out of there is Brujeria. However there's plenty of smaller acts popping up.

So I decided that I'd take a look and see what kind of music this place has to offer. I've found quite a few goodies. I was going to do haikus for these ones, but midterms kinda drained my brain. Just click the links and discover for yourself.

So what do you guys think? Love 'em? Hate 'em? You live in San Diego or Tijuana? Tell me about more good bands! Excited to get into the thick of it there, hit a show at Brick by Brick or the Casbah.

I want to make Metal Metal Land a monthly segment at the least. Want to help me with this? Send me messages about where in the world you are and the bands around you. Who are the kings of your scene? Who would you like to see get more recognition? I'd love to hear and get their names out there.

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