Monday, December 28, 2015

New Year's Resolutions

Well holy shiiiiit...

I can't believe it's nearly been a year since I started up this little ditty that is Into the Hyena Pit, and I must say it's been a pretty good experience. I've discovered a ridiculous amount of good music and made some friends.

With 2016 right around the corner, hopefully that's gonna go be an increasing trend. With it being New Year's and all, I figure I'll share some of my resolutions with y'all, not just as a "hey, so this shit's gonna happen" but also as a "hey, bro, wanna help me with this shit?"

1. Don't Die
I'm only partially joking about this. As some of you may have seen on my last post, the past four months have kinda been hell for me. And I've FINALLY got a diagnosis! Crohn's disease has been the Fat Man to my Nagasaki, royally fucking me up in the worst ways possible. Now that I know what's going on, the miracle that is modern medicine will finally let me see some normalcy. The down side is now I have to eat like someone who actually likes his body. Shit...

2. Get Crazy Here in Southern California
I had to leave Iowa because of the Crohn's, which is a bummer. But when one door closes, another opens, right? Now that I'm home in San Diego county, I can try to really put my efforts into exploring the scene here. I did a post on metal around here, which I now realize is severely lacking, so I'll have to dig deeper and redo that. I don't know anyone in this area, so if you're going to a show or know a band, hit me up and let us party hearty! Making my big triumphant return to shows when At the Gates comes down to the House of Blues, so let's get crazy! 

Hell, if you're anywhere in Southern California, hit me up. Be my friend. Let share a metal embrace- frostbitten, yet loving-- my brothers and sisters!

3. Learn How to Business
 So on top of making friends, I'm hoping to get in touch with people in the area who can teach me a thing or two about the music industry. I want to do more than just sit back and write about the shit I like. I want to book shows and promote them, open up my own record store or venue, and eventually put together a festival. Actually, I have three concepts for fests in mind; I have so many ideas, it's not even funny. My problem is I have literally no idea how I'd even start. So while I'm job hunting, I'm planning on doing a bit of research. If anyone out there knows anything, please let me know!

4. More Shows and Stuff
Of course, I plan to put some more attention into this baby. I've got a bunch of ideas for posts and I have a couple shows I will for sure hit up. As I mentioned, I've got the At the Gates show in February, but I'm also hitting one of the Napalm Death/Melvins shows in Los Angeles in May. Trying to figure out what my next festival should be: Psycho California or Housecore Horror Film Fest? I've already picked out a few places for the next string of Metal Metal Land posts and I'm trying to piece together some other material-- some comical, some serious. I'll make a Facebook page for this once my pal has finished up a logo. I'm also going to try to be more diligent about finding new albums and reviewing them. I'll try to make it a nice spread of both the really underground stuff and more mainstream acts.

Of course, I have some other personal shit I'm gonna get on too: learn to cook, garden, brew a beer, date, yadda yadda...

So here's to you, my friends! Let's drink on this past year and usher in 2016 with a bang! Drink some beer, eat some nachos, blast Motörhead. See you soon!

And of course, stay heavy, my friends.

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