Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Mini Update: Assembling a Team

Hey, friends! How ya be?

Just a short announcement: I am but one man and my output has been low of late, what with work and trying to figure out what insanity I can bestow upon you. So as a means of getting more kick ass material out there, I've enlisted a little help from my friends on all fronts. Lemme do some quick intros so y'all know what to expect.

Jacob  Balogh
Jake is the type of guy whose favorite Jedi lived 4,000 years before the movies. He pretty much knows everything there is to know about the Star Wars universe, comics, anime, manga, and he possesses  vast quantities of knowledge on other shit; ask him about Sengoku Jidai, I dare you. Be warned though: if he finds someone who knows not of what they speak, he will destroy them as the Death Star destroyed Alderaan. No topic is off limits: pop culture, sports, science, whatever.

Matt Majarucon
He's a straight-up pimp who is not afraid to put his iron hands to a ho's face... but in all seriousness, he's a god of table top gaming and knows a thing or two about other things or two. He's a talented artist who is currently in the process of designing this blog's logo. Though a complete stranger to metal, he might be willing to investigate what's at the bottom of that slippery slope... all he needs is a little push.

Nick Edinger
"When I'm not writing for, I run, sell tickets, bartend, help run No Shame Theatre in Iowa City, watch YouTube, read anything I get my hands on, and ask myself why I'm not writing more. Tyler expanded my metal horizons to the point where I can't stop listening to Mr. Crowley, so thanks for that, jerk."

Jimmy Wentz
I first met Jimmy at a Gwar show (approximately 6 months before Brockie died) and it was definitely one of the greatest shows I've ever been to. We had a kickass time and he's been my Iowa show buddy ever since, coming down to Iowa City when we get something good like Black Dahlia Murder or Veil of Maya. You'll hear him regale you of other good shows up in his neck of the woods. He also has glorious facial hair.

I'll get these guys to get crackin' and write up some awesome material for all y'all. I'll definitely try to pick up the pace as well. Stay tuned to see what my buds and I have for ya!

Stay heavy, my friends!

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