Thursday, January 8, 2015

So it begins...

So here we are.

 Allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Tyler Levin. I'm a theatre arts major at the University of Iowa, with aspirations of becoming an actor and an entrepreneur. I'm a patron of the arts. Music, cinema, theatre, novels, video games (yes, they ARE an ART), all of these are wonderful.  I'll give anything an eye or an ear, but my real passion lies in heavy metal music, as well as science fiction and fantasy films and novels. More often than not if I'm talking to someone about these, I will be absolutely ecstatic. However I don't have many friends with a shared interest in these, so I'm bringing my thoughts out here to the vast abyss that is the internet to share my thoughts on these things and hopefully gain more knowledge on these. If I can teach people a thing or two, that'd be cool.

Stuff you might expect to find on here will include reviews of albums, books, and movies; the experiences I have at events, interpretations and analyses of news, and random thoughts.

Now with that said, let's see if I can make this thing work!

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